Subsea Actuators


Paladon S-Series subsea valve actuators use modified HY and HYL-Series valve actuators to provide subsea valve automation of rotary and linear valves and are available in spring-return and double-acting configurations. The design incorporates the option for industry standard ROV override interfaces and control systems for remote signalling and operation.


Automation of subsea rotary and linear valves.

Operating Ranges

  • Supply Pressure: 13 to 250 Barg (90 to 3,625 psig)
  • Torque Output: 200 to 500,000 Nm (1,770 to 4,425,000
  • Thrust Output: Up to 222,000N (50,000 lbs)

Key Features & Benefits

  • Operation in water depths of 2,000m using pressure compensated designs, 200m for non pressure compensated designs
  • Electroless nickel plated cylinder as standard with hard chromium plating, Xylan® or Electro-film available
  • Springs contained within a fully welded canister (which is post weld heat treated) to guarantee simple and safe removal
  • Springs are scragged (set removal) in order to warrant optimum and stable performance
  • Easy and economical maintenance due to simplified design, no special tools required for installation and maintenance
  • Compliant to PED 97/23/EC
  • Several yoke lever configurations (cants) allowing selection of the actuator output torque that best suits the valve torque characteristic.
  • Suitable for high frequency and high speed operation
  • Guide bar frame design used to eliminate side forces and low friction seals ensure high efficiency