Pietro Fiorentini Deltaflux Slam Shut Valve


Technical Brochure

Operation & Installation Manual


The Deltaflux slam shut valve is an ideal solution for all fluid control applications where high differential pressure or great flow rates are involved.


The refined design of the rotating trim allows offering simultaneously high flow rate coefficients Cv and minimum pressure drops in fully open positions, thus creating a unique combination of capacity and rangeability.


Thanks to the versatility and the available range of this slam shut valve, Deltaflux is the ideal solution for all special applications, as well as for use at high and low temperatures, and in aggressive enviroments. Considering its features, Deltaflux is the ideal primary element for ESD (Emergency Shut Down Valve) and HIPPS (High Integrity Pipeline Protection System) systems.


Fields of application:
•    Natural gas industry;
•    Energy;
•    Petrochemical industry;
•    Water transport.